‘Mise en place’ for MAPA SPONTEX’s cooking class


Ingredients :

For the Cookies :
125g Extra Fine Butter (to buy)
1 Egg (to buy)
125g Brown Sugar
1 Vanilla pod
2g « Fleur de sel » Salt
175g Flower
2g Baking Soda
50g Almonds
75g 64% dark chocolate chunks

For the Caramel :
200ml Liquid cream (to buy)
40g Butter (to buy)
150G Sugar
1 Large pinch of « fleur de sel » salt.

Kitchen tools to prepare :

Bowl, small pan, soft or wooden spatula, cooking plate, baking paper

Preparation :

Sift together the flower and the baking soda.
In a bowl mix the butter, brown sugar, the grated vanilla pod and salt and obtain a homogeneous mix.
Add the egg and keep on mixing and add, in two times, the flower mixed with the baking soda.
Knead briefly before adding the crushed almonds and the dark chocolate chunks and mix everything again.
Mould the dough to look like a 20cm long cylinder and roll in baking paper before
keeping for one night in the fridge (or 30minutes in the freezer)
Use an oven rack, using the space in between the pegs, to mark the dough and then cut it in thick slices (45 grams max).
Dispose the slices on a cooking plate covered with baking paper.

For a maximum of 15 to 20 slices on the cooking plate, cook at 180°C for 10 to 15 minutes

Caramel :
In a pan, you will make a “Dry caramel”: Heat the sugar at medium power. The sugar will become liquid and turn to an amber colour. Meanwhile, heat the cream and keep on the side. As soon as the Dry Caramel is ready add the Butter. Take the pan away from the heater and slowly add a small part of the warm cream. (beware of splatters) Whisk enterically and incorporate the rest of the cream gradually. If you think the cream is not thick enough put it back on the heater at low heat until you obtain the required thickness.
Drop some salted caramel on top of the cookies.